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Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store's main goal is to make sure that Pinehurst homes are secure because this is our neighborhood as well as yours. We make sure that a full suite of residential locksmith services are available to local homeowners and residents. Seattle residents see our mobile patrol out and about 24 hours a day, because no matter where you are in Seattle, we are there to help and resolve your locksmith issue within an hour. We deal with everything from most basic residential concerns such as Emergency house lockout services to residential safe lockouts. (We can also replace and/or repair window locks.)

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store, Pinehurst, WA 206-971-2647Broken Locks

Jammed and broken locks can be costly and even dangerous to your safety if you're stuck outside for a long time. Often occurring at the worst times, trying to jam your key into a damaged lock can lead to breaking your key as much as unlocking the door.  When you have a problem with broken locks, give us a call Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store so we can send an expert locksmith out to get your lock fixed and life running again. The Pinehurst mobile service van is ready any time of day, especially when you need it most.

Lost Keys

If you've ever been locked out of your home, you know how stressful that can be. But if you find yourself locked out, just make sure to call the experts at Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store. Our trained locksmith professionals can create a new key or repair a lock right on-site, thanks to our mobile service vehicle fleet. The locksmith experts at Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store keep their mobile fleet have all the locks and keys needed for any lost key emergency to create a new key and even a replacement.

Emergency Lock Changes

At Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store, we know that sometimes landlords are forced into sensitive situations, and our locksmith technicians can help landlords get back access to their properties when dealing with problem tenants. We know that sometimes there are situations a landlord can't handle alone. We can also create master key systems and sub masters so that building managers have access where needed, as well as re-keying multiple locks when needed.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, Pinehurst area families and businesses know that know that when they are have a security issue involving locks or other problems, there's only one number to call:Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store. Our trained locksmith professionals are committed to making sure to provide the highest quality service and getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  No matter how simple or complex the issue may be, from emergency house lockout services to residential safe lockouts, or even to replace and/or repair window locks-- you'll want Seattle's most professional locksmiths working with you. So call Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store now so that we can service any issue you may have. Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store provides the following residential locksmith services:

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store, Pinehurst, WA 206-971-2647

  • House Lockout
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Locks Change
  • Locks Rekeyed
  • Master Key System
  • New Lock Installation
  • And Much More…