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Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store is the first name that Pinehurst businesses think of because of the trust that the business community places in the quality of our work. Your business may be growing, but a broken lock or other access problems can cost you business, and it can be tricky to get back on the right track. Call us to restore access when you need it quickly.

Pinehurst businesses are the core of what makes this neighborhood great, and this is true all over the Seattle, which is why our trained professionals and our mobile patrol fleet are available to assist no matter what the security issue may be. We are available 24 hours a day, and will get your security issues up and running and get you back to work, often within the hour.

Whether a key or lock problem, or anything from needing to change out mailboxes, unlocking or repairing different types of safes, or opening and unlocking file cabinets when things go wrong, our team of professional locksmiths is there to fix it. Because of years of training and making sure to keep up with the latest in security, we will find a solution to your business security issues when you need them.

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store, Pinehurst, WA 206-971-2647Lock Changes

Security is vital when it comes to small business. A simple key issue can cause problems that can shut down a business. So it's always important to make sure that you are on top of your small business security. Whether it's a security breach or a discussion on how to upgrade your security system, our professional locksmiths are up to the challenge of securing your small business, even high-density lock conversions such as such as an overnight change to offices or a hotel's room locks. Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store is ready to help your business no matter what you need-- call us at 206-971-2647 to learn more.

Lock Damage

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store specializes in dealing with broken locks when businesses need access during business hours, and our technicians come prepared with our mobile fleet to fix or replace broken locks, which can be damaged by wear and tear or even vandalism. No matter the case, call us so we can send local response over to resolve the issue.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Businesses often make use of safes to store valuables, and cabinets to store hard copies of documents as well as other important items. But if your safe or cabinet is having a problem, you have a problem. Enter Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store's mobile locksmith fleet, which can restore access for your business to locked or damaged safes and cabinets in as little as an hour!

Emergency Exit Lock

If you haven't checked the locks on your emergency exits, now is the time to do so. Businesses can get fined and sanctioned for emergency locks that aren't working. Putting aside the financial costs, make sure that your emergency exit locks are working-- and call us when something goes wrong, or if you want to be  sure everything's functional.

Key Replacement

Losing a key can be a huge problem if you're the only one on-site who happens to have one and you can't find it. This can delay opening of a business or much, much worse. If this happens to your business, call Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store. We are equipped to create replacement keys for your business thanks to our professional technicians and fleet, no matter when you need it--24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Master Key Systems

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store locksmiths are specialists at master key systems. A master key system is designed to give full access to those with master keys, while working to secure certain areas from the staff. Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store are experts at Master Key System implementation and maintenance, meaning that they can create a system for the trusted staff to have full access as well as sub-master key systems for specific roles.
We have plenty of experience with the following businesses, and many more:

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store, Pinehurst, WA 206-971-2647

  • Restaurants/Delis
  • Office Spaces/Open Offices
  • Assisted Living Care & Hospices
  • Business Gardens
  • Schools/ Universities
  • Hotels/ Motels
  • Hospitals and Outpatient Centers
  • Apartments and Rentals
  • Banks and Investment Facilities

Pinehurst WA Locksmith Store's handiwork can be found all over Pinehurst when it comes to designing masterful security systems. We also provide emergency service for everything from needing to change out mailboxes to unlocking or repairing different types of safes and opening and unlocking file cabinets. Our team of experts have seen it all when it comes to security issues, so reach out to us 24 hours a day throughout the Pinehurst area.